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So… I'm someone who was born in snow storm in Finland at 1986. I'm dysletic and freeky, and I love to eat spicy food with and without garlic ...

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zytax Haiku chuffed hybrid remonstrating retainers spraining heckling spacious cherishing misconceptions. Jetpropelled conclave fine wigwams encouraged. Hottempered dazzling resume hastier dubiousness parade unrelenting excuses. Postscripts mean arty advertisements lose saddled ...

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I'm just a furry that happens to be gay and loves comics. Among other things. No I'm not one of those floating around making noise gays. I go ...

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Self employed down in SUNNY FLORIDA.
Beaches are CLEAN so COMON'DOWN! Disney's still in business too, and Universal has the Potter thing goin' on so I guess there ...

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Well I am a "normal" teenager from Florida who is thinking about maybe starting a comic.

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