Issue 1 Cover

Abt_Nihil on March 5, 2008

When I started planning this comic I opted for a “book” format, but working on the first chapter I changed my mind. signifikat was always meant as an outlet for spontaneous ideas which can't be fitted into my other comics, so I'd only work on this comic when enough such ideas have gathered. That's why I now think the “issue” format is a must, so I can pass the comic around and not have to wait for years on end until I've finished the next chapters.

I could actually start working on chapter 2 right away - lack of ideas is not the problem - but I really need to concentrate on A.D 1997 for the next weeks. So this comic will go on an indefinite hiatus. Sorry about that! This doesn't mean that the time until the next update should be too long… I just can't say. It could be in two weeks, could be in two months. I know that's not a healthy thing to say for a webcomic, but it is simply necessary; I hope you'll follow me to A.D 1997, if you haven't done so already.

BTW, to avoid confusion: Issue 1 is comprised of the prologue and chapter 1.


DAJB: Thanks!
Midge: Sure :-) Thanks!
Nepath: Well… it can't be helped. But my other comics should benefit from this hiatus.
Jabali: Thanks!