SS4 page150 Sarah boils over!

skyangel on Oct. 9, 2012

 Thanks for all the lovely and interesting comments left last week regarding Janey.  The general attitude of many of you seemed to be much calmer than the previous week and some lovely points were made and repeated by a few of you. Reading the responses from those who have had direct experiences of cheating and being cheated on I do get a fairly strong feeling that when weighing up all the good years along with the bad events one would certainly be wise to consider trying to save the relationship as a few of you have done, especially if the love still felt was that strong and the partners remorse seemed genuine enough.
 So I think maybe at the end of the day this isn't so much about Janey's reasons, but whether Sarah truly feels she is worth a second chance or if she would be better off and happier without her. 
Next week:  We finally call Janey into the witness box to explain how the affair started and her excuses for giving in to it!   Will Sarah… or you be swayed I wonder?
Have a nice week all!!  :)
PS: Special Halloween poster going up Monday!! ;)