SS4 p153 Janey goes into detail

skyangel on Nov. 11, 2012

Sooo is this it then? I hear you ask. Has Janey had her fun and managed to sweet talk Sarah back into continuing the relationship?  Does Sarah enoughemotional  strength and love to be able to put Janey's indiscretion behind her, or will it haunt her over and over?
Find out in the final verdict, next week! ;)
  On a side note, I've taken onboard all of your really passionate feelings and comments to help me decide how I would feel and react in this situation. I can't ever be totally sure of my own reaction as you really do have to live through such a thing to truly know for sure, but I've gone with my own feelings as guided by yours to decide the future of their relationship. Thankyou all so much for your input :)
Have a nice week. x