SS4 p155 You can always count on your friends?

skyangel on Nov. 21, 2012

Lots to say this week!
  Firstly, I know I didn't reply to all your comments again last week but I'm trying to avoid leaving a wall of my own ramblings which pushes all yours off of the page! I always like to say hi to the new posters and those that just pop up now and again and of course more importantly to try and address any confusion or questions about the storyline. It does take time though sometimes and I also forget to say things I meant to as well, but besides that you are all precious and I especially love my regulars of course whom I sometimes ignore in my replies just because you've already thrashed it out between yourselves anyway, which is great.  Lunaris of course is my knight in shining armour as she practically remembers the entire story even better me and is always galloping in to correct, defend, or clear up any confusion in my absence. I never take my regular readers for granted though and just hope you guys all understand me well enough to know how sincerely grateful I am for your wonderful support always. After chapter four I'm taking a year out to work on chapter five and I'll be able to spend more time keeping in touch with you guys more directly and finally fulfilling all my promises!
This sounds like a friggin acceptance speech I know, but think of it more as a guilt trip! :)
  I've betrayed Leo here because she's not shallow and would far more likely tell Claire she's not welcome and let Janey deal with it, but I've been in this situation before and know it happens to others so I wanted to slip it in there and Leo was the only possible friend I could think of who would definitely try and stay neutral. Nikki would be neutral too but after all Sarah's done for her it felt like it would have been far too unlike Nikki.  I've tried to show Leo as being more ignorant of Sarah's feelings though rather than selfish.
   I've just one page more left to do of the 16page Christmas story and then it will just remain to be coloured *batts eyelids at Emi*  lol    So next Saturday I'll hopefully have a nice preview poster to get your curiousity going hehe 
Next week, Sarah gets a surprise visit from Janey's mum…and it doesn't go down to well!
Have a lovely week!!! :)