SS4 p156 A surprise visit from Janey's mum

skyangel on Nov. 21, 2012

Hi everyone,
     In case you had forgotten, Janey's mum is a Jehovah's witness and this caused a lot of trouble back in the early days of their relationship. One thing I noticed with my first partner was that although her mum was always telling us ‘you are all family to me’ it was amusing how quickly the partners always got the blame when something went wrong with her children's lives.  Big thanks to Emi for sorting out the JW mag image for me. I said I'd sort it out and…. totally forgot!
      I put a teaser on the bottom this week for the Xmas special which reminds me of the ads you used to get in the old paper comics, so I quite like that :)  I'll do one each week until we finally start to run with it. There's only a few more pages of this chapter to go anyway now so I want to run this straight after.
Have a nice week.  :)