SS4 p157 Sarah's revenge!

skyangel on Nov. 21, 2012

  Only 3 more pages to go and then this chapter in Sarah's life is finally over. It's always a really weird feeling as this chapter started out two years ago at 100 pages and has evolved in many new directions along it's path. Nikki has become a far more central character than I ever intended and Stacey's pages too have just grown and grown. Getting towards the end of a chapter and just tidying up loose ends has always been a bit boring in the past and it makes it that much harder to find the incentive to keep going (hence my sudden lack of background detail! lol) but for once this chapter is going to have a more emotional ending than previous ones so I'm really into it.  There will be extra updates in order to wrap this up for Christmas and therefore next update will be on Wednesday this week.
WEDNESDAYS PAGE:  Sarah sits out Janey's going away party when she finds out Claire is going to be there too and gets some interesting feedback from Nikki.
Have a nice weekend everyone! :)