Christmas Story Page 13

skyangel on Nov. 21, 2012

I like fruitbat's suggestion of ‘history much better. I might have to sneak back and change it later on!;
I wasn’t at all happy with the scripting on these last two pages. I'd originally planned to stretch the action out too to show Sky taking a fair beating too along with some equally taunting and arrogant remarks from Richard to really get her blood up but time was pushing on and I ended up axing 2 pages to save time and rewriting the fight script. It reads awkwardly and doesn't flow well so I may well come back later on and redo the pages to the original script and the whole fight. I wanted her to have a bloody nose and a few bruises too at the end just like a proper superhero should have! Anyways, I think you get the general idea of the story.

tomorrow:  Sarah's back with Nikki for one last thought before she awakes.