SS5 page3 Keeping in touch with Janey

skyangel on June 19, 2013

   Hi all :)  It's the middle of June here and yet it's cold and raining outside!! I think we've only had about ten really nice sunny days so far this year but at I hate extremely hot weather anyway so it's not so bad apart from I miss sitting out in the garden. I have two friends who live out in sunny California and dear Becky's one of them and she tells me it's pretty ‘mucho scorchio’ most of the time there. Emi always has lovely summers in Australia too so i think i probably drew the short straw on positioning there.
  Anyways..yeah last week I said this was the Stacey/Cally page but I was wrong cos I'd forgotten about the Sarah/Janey page that came before it but the good thing is that we are a page ahead of ourselves at the moment and as we get more settled into doing the comic again we should be able to have some extra updates to help things move along a bit more quickly.
sooooo…Next Week:  We get to catch up with Stacey and see how she's coping with her new baby daughter Cally.
Have a nice week, and thanks as always for your lovely support :)