SS5 p53 On the road

skyangel on June 13, 2014

According to the internet it should take about 8 hrs so in theory it should be possible in a day but I'm not a very confident or aggressive driver so I tend to saty in the nearside lane (Yeah the SLOW lane!) for most of my journeys so if I get stuck behind a milkfloat it normally takes me a lot to get frustrated enough to overtake. Becky is from CA btw so she's used to driving hundreds of miles just to get see friends and family.
   Anyways….in case you're interested, I put the original sketched page for this up on FB for those who like the background stuff. It's a bit annoying as the pic size is limited but you can still see most of the working out and scribbles I made. :)
Have a nice week! :)