SS5 p55 Reunion

skyangel on June 27, 2014

  Becky has had a nasty stomach bug all week which is bad enough for most of us as it is but because she suffers from Lupus it's meant she's had very little energy for anything, so I told her to forget about doing this weeks page. But I know she is the sort of person who always feels bad about letting people down so she struggled to do it anyway and what a gorgeous page it is too! I really love the way she's done panel two with the light coming through the canopy which is so common in country areas.
   Anyways, it was a lovely page for me to do as it meant drawing Janey again for the first time in what has been almost a year and I have to admit that I'm looking forward to doing the pages where Sarah and Janey are just alone in each others company.
Hope you all have a nice week :)