SS5 p61 A quiet moment alone

skyangel on Aug. 8, 2014

  I was pretty thrown this week by a lovely tribute to the comic from Gunwallace in last weeks Quackcast. Most comic artists I know tend to fantasise about how their comics would look as a movie or a TV series at times and I'm no exception. My most common fantasy is imagining the opening shots and the credits coming up over the introductory scene while the music sets the mood and atmosphere of what's to come.
Surprisingly enough this is the second time someone has made a theme for the comic so we have been really spoilt! The first was called the Ballad of Simply Sarah by David Whitehead which was really lovely. This new theme though is much shorter (just over a minute long but I was pretty bowled over by it as it feels so close to the sort of theme I'd choose myself if I had that choice. I've asked if I can use it to make a short music vid so as long as Gun's agreeable that would be something fun to play with and share. You can hear the them on Quackcast 178 (about 5 mins in).

Have a nice week all! :)