SS5 p62 Bedtime fun with Nikki

skyangel on Aug. 15, 2014

    Thanks for all your really lovely and interesting responses to last weeks page, they really do help me keep the story on an even track! lol  I always go with my heart on this story and hope everyone's coming with me but realistically I sometimes have to slap myself and say come on, don't be stubborn. Janey's effect on me and Sarah is one that is going to be hard to pull away from so there will always be these moments coming up ;) hehe
    We've also been sent a lovely fanart from Eleanor A this week which is really amazing! She's actually done three so I thought as a special treat I'd post them alongside the regular updates each week as a sort of double update. She's also given me a little glimpse of a fancomic she's been thinking of doing which sounds really great, so please do encourage her and we may have a great Christmas treat lined up!

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Have a lovely week all,