Book One, page 61

bravo1102 on Aug. 17, 2017

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As a sorceress, Searsha can feel emotions, pick up surface thoughts and anticipate statements. Spells exist to probe deeper but during close physical contact with a sorceress she can probe deeper without a specific spell because during such contact souls and minds are freely shared. They'd make great spies if it wasn't so easy to detect a sorceress. All you need is another sorceress. There are also people who are sensitive to the presence of sorceresses so it's not easy to hide being one to someone with the proper defenses. Walking on the street it's not that hard, but infiltrating the stronghold of an enemy would be nigh impossible.

“Going a Viking” many historians believe is what Norsemen called sailing, raiding, trading and plunder. A rough translation would be “adventuring” or “risk-taking ”. The Norse would recruit crews for a ship, load up some trade goods and go sailing. They would land a scout or two to look around. If it was easy pickings they'd come to raid, rape and plunder. If it was well defended, they'd come to trade. In England the raids were so profitable they became annual events. And those were so successful the Danes would stay over and eventually they settled in central England in what came to be known as the Danelaw. Ireland and France got the same treatment from the Norwegians and Russia from the Swedish Rus. The Norse would burn Paris around six times until finally the French ceded land to the Norse who called it Normandy. The Vikings would come to be respected by the Byzantines who recruited them as the Varangian Guard. The Rus founded Kiev and would give the their name to the land: Russia.