Cover -- Black and White

timblitzz on March 23, 2006

This is the cover for this comic, the BLUEPRINT, by myself, Tim Ferrer. Yeahh its not coloured, and the fonts were done in paint, but i dont have adobe/corel/ any other photo editing program on my computer. sad but true. I came up with the story last year actually, and this was already a comic here on Drunkduck before it shut down. i forgot the reason why it did but yeah, its back now, with a sort of new story line and new cars/concepts for the rest of the story. i hope its as good as the last one!

Information about the cover: The new lead car is an '02 Subaru Legacy GT, 4WD of course, and yeahh, i tried doing a Downtown Toronto-esque skyline or wtv…dont think it worked out loll.