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More Sprite Comics Secrets. 17% more wormtastic

Egnio at 8:30PM, Oct. 1, 2007

Have fun while reading some other common mistakes and some nice effects to improve sprite comics quality

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Bacon's back, with 25% more expressibility. This time, he'll teach you how to prevent Bittage Mixing, how to add expressions to a comic, and how to use the invert color tool in a way that it adds drama to a situation.

Ninjas are GO!

So, what have you learned this time?

Don't try to put together characters from different games if their styles are too different, since it looks bad. They're the beans on the white rice (that's one of my favorite foods, but they out stand and take the attention away)
Expressions. Copy pasting the same sprite over and over is ridiculously platonic. Someone who is talking should show it, even if you put tails in speech bubbles.
Movement. Sometimes, some sprites appear on one place and then another without an explanation. Here, we saw that Bacon was putting on a viking helmet, since it would have not made any sense that he attacks with an axe wearing that viking helmet which appeared from thin air.
Inverted colors are terrible as sprite recoloring, but are a good tool to show shocking moments, like extreme pain, someone noticing something dangerous, being shot, and stuff like that.

So, 'till we meet again.



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