usedbooks on July 25, 2016

I had to edit the dialogue quite a bit to fit the page, but it gets the job done. Not sure why I decided to fill in Lee's neighborhood with a church across the street, but I like it on several levels. Yuki's parents were in church the night Brandon died.


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plymayer & ghostrunner: Thanks!

KimLuster: Although Lee might not realize it, Yuki is interviewing a suspect, not arguing with her brother. So even if she recognizes lying, she probably wants to keep him talking – not for the words but the body language (and in hopes of inferring who else is involved).

Peipei: Unfortunately (or fortunately) she never had a great relationship with Lee. “Barbie” is a teasing name, not a term of endearment.

tupapayon: Technically, Yuki has asked nothing. She mentioned Lee was the last person to see their brother alive, and he proceded to put his foot in his mouth.

Anubis: “If anyone asks, I was here all day.”