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Bocaj walks the fine line of absurdity and comedy.

Comic Info:
My stuff:
Pancakes- An absudist comic about a stick figure called Pancakes, his friends and their shenanigans.
No Background- Collection of serious works, mostly unfinished projects.
Rape- Don't read it

Community Projects:
Please note, none of these projects have stopped! If I ever end a community project, I will make it obvious it is done.
Tired Comics- Draw something when you're tired!
Visual Music- Visual representation of Music.
The Traveling Assist- A story with many Authors.

My comics that have stopped (or don't do anything, on):
The Adventures of Malnutrition and Friends- A project I did with WTHecksicle. It is the crazy. :/
The random archives of tj- At least I think this died. It was never really mine, I just made a few comics for it.
Not a Comic- It isn't a comic
Laughing Out Loud Zombies- My first DD comic
Guy in a Dinosaur Costume- The bastard prequel to LOLZ. Inconsistent art, and humor.
GIADC Fan Art- Self explanitory

Comics By Bocaj

  • Fantasy |
  • 22 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
Fanart for Guy in a Dinosaur Costume. ... you know you want to...
  • Fantasy |
  • 21 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
This comic revolves around our dinosaur costume wearing hero as he goes through the most amazing adventure anyone has ever seen. Join him and his crew in his quest for stuff! Current storyline: Lengthy parody of The Odyssey (by Homer)
  • Fantasy |
  • 48 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
My second web comic. This one is about a man named Drew, a cannibal called Beta3, and a stick figure named Pancakes. They makes the humor. Updated at least on Fridays. I'm typing until this stops me!!! I still have 40 characters left! Now I'll tell
  • Fantasy |
  • 178 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
  • 1 like
A collection of MS paint stuff from all who care.
  • Fantasy |
  • 15 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
A collection of short stories, many uncompleted.
  • Fantasy |
  • 2 pages |
  • last: July 7 2011 |
Not a comic
  • Fantasy |
  • 65 pages |
  • last: Jan. 9 2012 |
  • 1 like
Pancakes is an absurdest comic about a normal stick figure named Pancakes, and his WAAAACKKKKY adventures!
  • Fantasy |
  • 41 pages |
  • last: July 22 2011 |
  • 1 like
Rape: The webcomic!
  • Fantasy |
  • 10 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
Just the best comic ever done by bocaj and WTHsicle. It stares Milver Jenkins. His job is being Sgt. Grumbles, mascot of Awesome Crunch "You can feel your teeth rot!"
  • Fantasy |
  • 28 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
A community Project
  • Fantasy |
  • 9 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
A community project based off of sleep deprivation!
  • Fantasy |
  • 12 pages |
  • last: July 6 2011 |
  • 1 like
A community project revolving around a visual/audio relationship. Any song. Any art.

Comics Assisted By Bocaj

  • Fantasy |
  • 118 pages |
  • last: July 7 2011 |
Want some randomnes in life? Check these out. The thing about it is, some you'll love, some you'll hate, some will make you wish you could reverse time to prevent yourself from viewing it. Yeah, whatever.

Comics Recomended By Bocaj

A hard-working woman in a demanding field, Ms Sanders does her best to bring vampires to justice, defend werewolves from slander, and help the Bride of Frankenstein get a divorce.

Drunk Duck's first real choose your own adventure! Oh, and there's this detective. So, yeah. Whatever floats your boat.

The inner thoughts and whims of Dave, the comic's protagonist (and, coincidentally, it's creator) are the main focus of this mainly autobiographical journal comic. There's a strip that includes a sexy pirate -- is that incentive enough for you?

There has always been a constant, bewildering battle between innocence and experience. And always, it's the wide-eyed waifs among us that end up caught in the middle of it all. Welcome to Anecdote----the story of some young'uns, some old'uns, and some assembly required.

Everyday thoughts and inquiries from yours truly.

After being accused of witchcraft, a knight is exiled form her kingdom.


A robot and an 8 year old grrl?! I'm laughing already! A DD featured comic.

I could try to make this sound interesting... But then I would have to live up to it. Otherwise, stories of my life.

Detective Urufu hasn't spoke with his family for ages... and that's not an understatement! Leaving them and his past behind Urufu has tried to find peace and a new future from his family's legacy of blood as assassins, but its seems they want a reunion.

I can no longer sit back and allow Vampire infiltration, Vampire indoctrination, Vampire subversion, and the international Vampire conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids!

This comic sucks. Don't read it.


This is a story about a little girl, Lila, and her life once she befriends two aliens.


Has little to do with Demi Moore or Patrick Swayze.

It's about a bunch of teenagers who are ... living and stuff. That's enough for them, really. (Currently updating as often as possible.)

A heroic quest of frienship and hardship and other kinds of ships.

A mushroom named Izzy gets kicked out of the enchanted forest and has some silly mushroomy adventures.

Following the Japanese tradition of writing a "picture diary" while in elementary school, this is a cartoon version of random events in my every day life in America and Japan. Updates every day except Friday and Saturday!

no description

A Drunk Duck featured comic and winner of the Drunk Duck Awards for Best Humor Scenes and Most Deliciously Offensive. Plus the artist is an Adonis of a man. Handsome, charismatic, suave. He saved my mom's life once! All in all, this is one awesome guy.

Well, if you thought you were the last person alive wouldn't you have taken off all your clothes and then run around? I thought so.

About Lilith, her ex-boyfriend Death, a suicidal little girl, angels with desk jobs, and the rest of mankind. Contains comedy, serious business, swearing, surealness and blasphemy.

It's about zombies. :D

In a nut-shell, Raw Fish is; The every day cultural shock of an American living in Japan.

A collection of short stories, Current Story is: Lawyer Lawyer: Pants On Fawyer. Just click the damn comic. Do it. Now.

The light hearted adventures of a transgender girl and an android girl.

A mean-tempered Clefairy is exposed to a sunstone and given the ability to speak. Using his new gift, he seeks to take over the world.

Rated bizarre for: monsters, zombies, cannibalism, school girls, unrequited love (with a vengeance), government conspiracy, chocolate bunnies, angels vs. demons, all that with a limb or two to spare.

It's about a blob in a soup can. Well, it was. I lost track, to be honest. I don't know if I really knew in the first place. I only remember the beginning and the end. You can read it if you'd like, but truthfully this comic is more for me than you. Feature 12/21/09

The Amazing, Epic And Very Interesting Adventures Of Bill Jones And The Fascinating Creature Known As Speckschwein is the best comic on DrunkDuck. Fo' real yo!

Huh?! You mean this isn't a sprite comic?! I'm leaving!!!

The story of a little transgender girl, her gender playful BFF, her family and her friends.

Harkovast and I Fell Down The Stairs give honest reviews to brave volunteers and their comics. A new review every Friday.

Okay, there's really no gun...

A journal comic of a character animator in his early 20's, updated whenever something happens and I've got time to whip something up.



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Product Placement at 9:45PM, Dec. 20, 2008

I guess you're all right... for a DD high.

Warpedwenger at 9:41PM, Dec. 20, 2008

That's because I'm full of fighting spirit!

chibi_alucard at 6:13PM, Dec. 7, 2008

indeed :3

chibi_alucard at 12:38PM, Dec. 6, 2008

oh yeah here's poop 1 poop 2 and this one is like a youtube poop so i guess it counts(its mah favorite of these!)

chibi_alucard at 2:52PM, Dec. 5, 2008


chibi_alucard at 7:20PM, Dec. 4, 2008

so far just 2 a traditional cd-i one wich was absolute crap and a hellsing one wich was awsome :3

chibi_alucard at 6:36PM, Dec. 4, 2008

OMG IMA USE THAT FOR MY NEXT ONE!!! i use "as they say in brooklyn 'all toasters taost toast!' or is it the bagel?"

chibi_alucard at 6:00PM, Dec. 4, 2008

oh i happened to see your thumbnail and im a huge fan of youtube poop and king harkinia[the king] is used a lot there :3

warefish at 11:50PM, Nov. 30, 2008

Sorry I couldn't add you sooner. my internet went a little screwy... :( But thanks for the add, dude!

Drasnus at 1:42PM, Oct. 21, 2008

Your pants make my work tight.

Metal_Breakdown at 3:34PM, Sept. 10, 2008

Haha thanks back =)

The Satoshi at 5:21PM, Sept. 2, 2008

your welcome ^^

Yanimae at 8:10AM, Aug. 20, 2008

Yo thanks for adding me as a friend! =]

Arashi_san at 12:05AM, Aug. 8, 2008

Hey! Get back to our forums! We miss yoooooooo!!!

Jules at 3:43PM, Aug. 2, 2008

lol thx bocaj

ifelldownthestairs at 10:20AM, July 30, 2008

how'd you get that fancy tin member trophy? i've been here for a year, ah've paid mah dooz, dammit!

amanda at 2:54PM, July 24, 2008

Heh, it's what your forum sig says - and we all know that forum sigs tell the absolute truth. I trust them blindly.

amanda at 12:52PM, July 24, 2008

Why hullo there - not every day you get to be net friends with one who walks thin lines...or lines of any type really.

crocty at 11:16AM, July 20, 2008


spiritmonkey at 11:07AM, July 20, 2008

*twitches, administers self to a mental hospital* DARN YOU BOCAJ!!1!!1!!!one!1!

spiritmonkey at 10:47AM, July 20, 2008

It didn't when I posted... And now it does... D:< You're screwing with my mind aren't you?

spiritmonkey at 10:33AM, July 20, 2008

CROCTY'S A PUBLISHER?!?!1?!??/?/!?!1!!!slash!??!?slash????one! HOLY FISHPASTE! :D The link doesn't even go to him ;_;

Jules at 11:12AM, July 15, 2008

Publisher status?! wicked..

flapjack1995 at 9:14PM, July 14, 2008

Congrats on Publisher Status.

Cross at 2:08PM, July 10, 2008

No problem ^_^

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