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Comical, yet fraught with danger and death; Hellscream follows the lives of three friends, digging into their pasts, and reaching even further into their futures. Updates at random.

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It's crude, twisted, and sick. With gaming humor, and colorful pictures, there's tons to love. But for some, it's an Acquired Taste.

Angels of Shadows..."The gods of your civilisation left and created their own. One where they made the rules. They grew bored so they created toys... twisted toys."

An inquisitive worm makes friends with the bird who was going to eat him. Sarcasm ensues. A Platinum Studios comic!

A story about a young girl and a strange phantom. An exicting adventure for Sarah as she helps save the Boogey kingdom.

One big dysfunctional family of monsters, living in that part of the woods where those meddling kids tend to disappear...

A medieval knight and a Japanese ninja are forced to share an apartment in modern America. Can they achieve their missions without destroying each other?

A grotesque life story of a demon that eats other demons to get stronger.

In the future, even machines will need an angel, and one girl is there to fill in that job position, her name is Angel Love; and her dream will cause a whole cyborg city to erupt into a massive gang war.

The story of a robot, He isnt pretty, he isnt clever, he dosent long to be human, he just performs his primary fucntion; Killing people.

Mostly my own slightly warped view on Life, Death, and the world in general.. Not really, this follows the lives of Death (Steve) and Life (Bobby) Along with the other mythical/magical beings that clutter up the place

Prince Jean-Patrick finds young Sarah's bedroom to frighten her. But Sarah isn't an eight year old girl running around in her socks. She's a young adult now and it certainly shows! Together, the Boogey man and human girl journey through their lives. One to become king of his kind and the other to find her place. Two roads cross and destiny determined to keep them together. Monsters do not solely exist in the darkness.

Hiya! Um.. this thing is just my random ideas and comics(mostly small things i drew instead of writing notes in class).. ^-^ ill update whenever i have something to update ^-^ hopefully that will be often ^-^ Hugs Jette-chan =3

During the Sengoku Era, samurai warlords and feudalism ruled. Two brothers find themselves cursed with a tragic fate after surviving an attack by oni. Meanwhile, an ambitious and terrible new warlord called Ookami is threatening to conquer the land.

Purgatory is a tower that offers a group of convicts a second chance at life, if they can survive the climb. But who built the tower, and for what purpose are they holding this "contest"? The answer lies at the top, if they can manage to reach it.


Ryo swore an oath to his dying parents, that he would get back their country from the man who stole it, but things get complicated as he finds out the man he swore to kill is his real father, and his feelings arent towards his fiancee.. but her brother!

A comic that is unlike other comics... That are comics!

He was so jealous - not that he did not have the right, or at least the justification. So, what did he do? He sought the same kind of self-destruction. (Backstory, style test.)

Sworn through blood to destroy demons and other evil nether-entities, the Daemonslayers: Blackjack, a cursed black dragon; Shade, a dire werewolf and Soul, an immortal half-fay travel their world Tymaera waging a three-person war on daemonkind.

Boston 2096. The city in the midst of a bloody drug war, the world on the edge of Environmental collapse Federal Bounty Hunters Adam Winthrope and Tonya Mills are contracted to hunt the 3 most dangerous human beings the U.S. Government ever createdââ‚


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