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Hello there… I am known as the E-Man (it's written as E Man for my user name because I can't use this - charater). I came from a far away web site known as Smack Jeeves (maybe you heard of it). In order to share more comics with the good people of the web, I opened an account here. Of course, not all my comics from Smack Jeeves would be here (probably)… However, there may also be some comics here that are only found on Drunk Duck.
Anyway… I am a guy who can travel between the drawn world and sprite world (in other words, I can both draw and sprite my comics). I love to play video games (mostly the ones made by Nintendo) like most people in the world, be around the web people that care for me (P.T., TehArtMonkee, etc.), and I also have the hots for a certain Kingdom Hearts girl. If there are times I don't make comics, don't worry! I can bet I'm up to something big (or taking a break)! I sure hope you users will be there by my side at most times, so I can find some new associates who would work for me! If there is any problem at all or you need to see me for something, be sure to send me a PQ! ……. Or E-Mail me… Whatever works best!
Yeah… Forget most of the junk above. Let's just say I came back after several years missing in action and I want to see if I can succesfully host some comcis I'm willing to try out.

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We all know the story of Kingdom Hearts, right? ........ Well... You know that girl named Kairi who you have to save in the game? She's with Sora fighting Heartless (and each other now and then) in this wacky parody of Square Enix's famous Disney game!

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