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Hey, I'm Jinks.
I'll be having my comic "Chronicles of Porn and Chips" up soon. AT the moment I don't have a tablet to draw the comic pages with so, as soon as I get that, it'll get started.

Anyway, what Copac is about is two friends, Bernard and Phill.

And Phill's girlfriend "Emi"

Likes porn, comic books, keg parties at Phill's college, high school girls.
Dislikes people who aren't him/ who aren't hot/ who are stupid.

Bernard, though he doesn't act like it, is very smart. He spends most of his time sitting in front of a computer, trying to lure girls (sometimes underage girls) to come to his apartment. His best friend is Phill, whom he has known since Phil was 10 (basically what happened was, Bernard thought Phill was a girl and tried to hit on him when he was 17, which led to a large, permanent footprint on Bernard's chest).

Likes college girls, tight pants, thick glasses, feminism, and shitty music
Dislikes good music, porn (claims that it's disrespectful towards women), bugs (except ladybugs), spider plants, and amphibians.

Phil is a college student, majoring in art so he can "awaken his artistic side" though, in reality, he's just a metro sexual scene kid denying the fact that his music and art sucks. His best friend is Bernard (Bernie). Berndard is 7 years older than him. He spends most of his time with Bernard because, despite having his own apartment, Bernard enjoys pissing Phill off and making a mess out of his room.

Likes boys, gay porn, final fantasy, Disney characters, scene kids, shit music, and "Classic rock"
Dislikes people who aren't her/ Bernard

Emi is Phill's girlfriend. She's a self-centered attention whore and faghag. All her male friends are gay or bisexual. She doesn't have many female friends because whenever she gets a female friend, she expects them to be like her. She shows off her "action figure" collection of final fantasy figures which she uses to have Cloud and Sephiroth make out. She had them custom ordered so she could take off their clothes and put on paper dicks she made out of construction paper and have them fuck each other.

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Bernard and Phill are an abnormal pair of friends who have all sorts of abnormal conversations in their normal lives.

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MS Paint magic. No tablet, mouse only. These are true stories based on real life events... sort of.

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