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I guess you can call this my personal process blog.  Recently I have started to play my first MMO.  It's called DCUO.  Really fun game.  Got addicted to it pretty quickly.  And the first toon I made was the character I have always had, tinkering around in the back of my head…Rock Wonder.  
I'll be the first to tell you that I suck at video games.  I usually don't have the patience to get through them.  The last game I was ever any good at was Street Fighter….
So I decided once I hit level 30, I would join a “League”.  I figured they could help me figure out what the hell I was doing, this being my first MMO.
The League I joined is called “The Phalanx”.  They are the best league in the DCUO, in my opinion.  Great people who really help each other out.  They have taught me so much about this game, that it has made my addiction even more out of hand.  Who knew that you could actually meet good people on a video game MMO and become friends!  I never knew how much I was missing out on online.
So being the wannabe artist that I am, I was constantly doodling my character.  At home.  At work.  Trying to figure out who he was “character wise”.  How he dressed, how he acted, fleshing him out.
Since my Leaguemates were always so helpful to me, I decided to thank them by drawing some avatars of their characters for the league message boards.  Then I started drawing some sketches of the team in action.  Then I started drawing some raw comic book pages….My Leaguemates were alway really supportive of my drawings.
So now all of the sudden, I'm getting a little more serious about my art.  Even though I still have so much to learn about comic book illustration, I'm having too much fun to even sweat it.  As long as this stays fun for me, I'll continue to do this and try and get better.  
Welcome to “The Rock Wonder Years”…

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Love can make you do some crazy things. Louie, a small time thief and henchman, falls in love with the superhero, Zenobia Zen. He's got to change his ways if she's ever going to fall for a loser like him. Louie decides the best way to win her over is to become the superhero Rock Wonder! How hard could it be being a superhero, anyway?

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