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just so yall know, dont expect anything big outta me, 'sept a few randome comics every now and then.. they will probly be dun with paint so they gunna be crappy, but for me, its not the art that makes a funny comic funny, just the jokes and the actions the charicters are goin through.

I am WhiteFang's eldest brother, and yall would probly find some of my coments on a cupple of comics here and there, but not to many.

so keep a wethered eye out for some of my creations, ya never know, they may hit your funny bone so hard, ya just cant stop ROFL'in, or just make ya wanna drop dead form disapointment, eather way, what you read, you cant unread.

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Sometimes Sanity is overrated. Its never enough to stay sain and deal with what live has thrown you. When Sanity checks out, all hell will brake loos and your thoughts turn to the unthinkable... or just plain... umm... just find out for yourself.

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One big dysfunctional family of monsters, living in that part of the woods where those meddling kids tend to disappear...

Follow along as Cru, a dwarf warrior with a slipping grasp on reality, travels the World of Warcraft in search of ale, adventure and women.

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