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My name is Evandro Barbosa de Menezes Júnior, I am 22 years old, live in Araxá and works at Endless Comics blog.I started drawing when I was seven and after winning some schools prizes, I started doing superheroes comics for “Jornal Interação” in 2004.In the following year, I did a hornbook called “Os Deficientes” which was distributed for Araxá's schools, which I was rewarded as “Amigo da Fada” in 2005. In 2006, I started working in my comics story called “Alpha”. When I finished high school in 2008, I started an informatic technical course in which I got interested in Photoshop, Corel Draw, Flash and others graphic applicative that motivated me to start the manga “Heavy Dreams”.When I finished the course in 2010, I worked at “A3 Comunicação”/“Portal Araxá” as a designer. At the same year I started working at “BR Placas Digital” with the same function. In 2011, I worked at Finta as developping products and market statistics. Nowadays, not only working on the comics “Maidens” and “Devil Guardian” that are able to acess in the blog, but I also work with adaptations to books for HQs, books and cd covers, draw for tattoo, caricatures , realistic ilustrations, HQs painter, visual communication, design, logo creation and editing photograph.

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The titanium man!
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Each person has a guardian, it is not an angel but a demon. When someone who is a nice dies he goes to heaven. However, when a bad one dies he becomes a demon and needs to protect a human to to redeem it sins. in the feudal age in Japan, 8 samurais were able to control their demons with a ritual, this ritual was once created to lock O-Yama, the most powerful demon, who has never accepted to take care of a human. The samurais after a battle were able to lock O-Yama in a way that he would never leave hell, but for it the next generations would have to keep the tradition and each generation of those warriors would be able to use this power.
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Marte is a professional skater, that earns life with sponsorship and advertisement, But even been well succeed in sports he feels empty, after a trainning day he stops to rest to wait for the beginning of another day.
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Rachel is a captured viking that most face many queens in one arena, if she loses, her family dies too!

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