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I am a half-human half suqid hybrid who love potatoes. yea.

No, not really! Hello, foolish mortals! ^-^ My name is potato u princess! Of course it's not my real name, but you can never be too careful online! As you can tell i am obsessed with potatos, anime/manga, and cuttlefish.

One of my hobbies is art, (Well obvoiusly, since i am on this site!!)I am also in chior and forensics. My favorite foods are cheese and potatos…and guacamoli. i am also fond of any kind of fruit or dessert.

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Lilly and Atria find themselves in downtown Tokyo without memory of how they got there. As they unravel the mysteries about their past, the girls find out that they were sent from another demension and must save the galaxy from an enemy called Shade.
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What if machines could think and feel emotions? That idea is now a reality for millions of AI's and cyborgs. However, there's an evil force at work putting AIs out of comission. Only one person can stop it...and he's a computer program. Meet Shingo.

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