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A little explaination about myself.

My name, you need not know. I'm 19 years old and I currently attend Northern Arizona University. My major is Hotel and Restaurant management… I would minor in art, but I hate being in art classes.

I stared drawing seriously around Semptember of 2006, and then posted this comic in November on Deviantart then I moved to this site. I made alot of friends here (look to people at right) :), and I hope to get alot of new fans for this comic.

My official 2 year anniversary for my comic was in September of 2007 and I love it. It's great.

Have a good day.

As a warning, if you don't like anthro art, whether clean or not, then you might not like my comic. Just saying.

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2's A Company takes us back to the wonder years of 2007-2008 and stars 5 main characters- Travis, Andy, Riley, Leah, and Raphael- who, despite their age, go through serious and very (random)comedic things in their life times. -Clean Anthro/Furry comic-
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Valedictorian follows the life of a 17 year old Valedictorian graduate through his college years. Twists and turns and interesting narrated story to follow in the steps of "2's A Company" and give the audience a another view of the college life.

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Allan (Biographically) is an autobiographical comic me and my friend Rob thought up. It's based off real-life happenings to me, and possibly other people who get involved with me.

An inquisitive worm makes friends with the bird who was going to eat him. Sarcasm ensues. A Platinum Studios comic!

Caggage's cute exterior hides a surreal, manic depressive variety show drawn from haunted nightmare visions and general malaise. It features two little guys, an orange thing and a squidkitten.

Hi I'm Carly, and for some reason I scare the Buh-Jeezus outta people! Not intensionally, they just think I'm weird. But I'm a really nice normal person. With lots and lots of friends! Lots of 'em, yup, lots. Who? Um, people too important to tell you

An evil tyrant is destroying Farmillia. And now its creator has called upon the powers of an ancient sword to slay the dark king, and restore peace to Farmillia. Now a champion must be found. Will the wielder of the sword be found before it's too late?

no description

Fearing an imminent breakdown, the Grim Reaper decides to take a Holiday. After an exhaustive search for a replacement, he finds only his cousin’s nephew’s son to collect the souls of those who are perishing. He is… Jim Reaper.

Mostly my own slightly warped view on Life, Death, and the world in general.. Not really, this follows the lives of Death (Steve) and Life (Bobby) Along with the other mythical/magical beings that clutter up the place

Many people have heard the story of Adam and Eve. The fall of man and original sin; but what if "the fall" was meant to be? Follow the story of Eden, told through Eve's eyes. **This is MY INTERPRETATION of the story of Adam and Eve.**

SUPAH NARIO BROTHERS! it's like naruto but it's not. it's more like mario, but not really. it's just...oekaki parody crap! as seen at

Join the enigmatic Edgar Allan Poo and faithful guide Irving the rat as they battle mythical beasts, ancient gods, magical ravens, sorcerers, the undead, inclement weather and treacherous terrain to escape the land of dreams.

A comic about things that happen to me in real life, and some that occur in my mind. It's kinda like tossing what I hear and see into a blender. Hopefully I end up with an enjoyable and worth-while smoothy.

Join Harry Palmer and Ronald Spitz on the Adventure of a Lifetime: HIGH SCHOOL!

2 Aliens. Disguised as dogs. Here to study human life. Hilarity ensues. Updates Mon-Wed-Fri. Check back for monthly fill-in-the-bubble CONTESTS, too.


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Leo The cat at 3:59PM, April 14, 2008

you rock!

crocty at 2:38PM, Feb. 29, 2008

Lol I has forum maniac trophy nao. Also, are you going to do a fanart for Midge for teh overlord?

rmmanuel at 4:28PM, Feb. 13, 2008

Thanks for the add and the comment :)

crocty at 5:35PM, Feb. 12, 2008

It took me waaay too long to add you! :3

Lucarioman_EXE at 2:25PM, Jan. 24, 2008

thanks for the add!

Warpedwenger at 8:29PM, Jan. 7, 2008

Thanks for reading Fenic. I make dumb mistakes like that all the time. I guess its because Im not really serious about Fenic. Its just some I do for fun.

Krensada at 1:16PM, Jan. 5, 2008

Your new icon is hilarious!

Warpedwenger at 1:49PM, Dec. 31, 2007

Thanks for the return!

dgriff13 at 10:35PM, Dec. 24, 2007


Bekefel at 3:34PM, Dec. 4, 2007

Bow rowr yiff. Rawr rowr ruff, yiff rowr ruff riff! Top friends, nao.

Chaz McRich at 2:10PM, Nov. 2, 2007

Thanks for the add chum!

maritalbliss at 2:49PM, Oct. 25, 2007


Drifterxgs at 2:22AM, Oct. 14, 2007

Thankies for de Add, you sir are awesome for it!

trevoramueller at 10:52AM, Oct. 10, 2007

Thanks for the add, my friend. You've definitely helped to make me feel welcome on the Duck since coming here.

Cthulhu at 11:12PM, Oct. 7, 2007

1,500 more to go.

Cthulhu at 11:04PM, Oct. 7, 2007

"Super Forum Poster" is a pretty shiny trophy, eh?

MistressKati at 4:25PM, Sept. 25, 2007

Ummmm thanks for the add?

ShinGen at 2:23PM, Sept. 25, 2007

Hey thanks for accepting my friend...ness. Love the comic btw. Awesome stuff mate. ^_^

Bekefel at 11:10PM, Sept. 23, 2007

Your description confuses me greatly. Also lol hay.

Lord Shplane at 10:29PM, Sept. 16, 2007

Thanks for accepting my friending!

Marik J Foxx at 10:14AM, Sept. 2, 2007

Your art has improved very much dude!

marine at 4:39AM, Aug. 31, 2007


man in black at 9:31PM, May 19, 2007

your welcome

mcman at 4:54PM, May 12, 2007

Nothin' up but the cielin'!

F_Allen at 2:09PM, May 11, 2007

cheers for the add bro

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