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I am a story teller. It's what I do and I'll do do it ‘til I’m six feet under…….by which I mean under the fuel tank of a spaceship headed straight into the sun…….or maybe engaged in mortal combat against a formidable foe…with a sword…and a badass hair-do…….or I might just spontaineously combust. Really whichever of those come first, or something equally or exceedingly awesome. Damn I'm hungry. I wonder what's in the fridge, I know I got some chopped up fingers in their somewhere. Beats fishsticks by a mile but I could really chow down on some lambs heart. Least I'm not still in hell, GEEZ! Just think'in about it…….all those tuna melts…….I MEAN IF THERE WAS AT LEAST ONE DAY THAT WASN'T JUST FREAK'IN– you know what, can't complain. Guess that's what I get for being The Great Demon Lord Satan an' all. Whatev's, I'll just grab a juice box or something– whoops, forgot you were there…………….sup.

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Deformia is a web-comic revolving around Matthew Dyson, a being that has found himself in purgatory. Though, Purgatory isn't what you might expect. 10 planets, 3 magnus and 7 dwarf, cradled in a spacial gas cloud make up the whole of Purgatory. It's purpose is to re-purpose the energy of the dead. Matthew, a vulgar, uncaring, does what he wants kinda guy finds himself in this world, without even a notion of his previous purpose. More bent on discovering the past, you will journey with him as he finds himself, past, present, and future.

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