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Hello! I'm an aspiring mangaka who is currently pursuing the field of storyboarding and visual development for animation and video games in sunny California. I've loved comics well before I could read, and before I knew it I was swept into both western comics and eastern manga. I've been putting various stories together for many years, but the first successful attempt, TAKESHI, has finally been posted on the internet. A year and a half was spent putting together the story concept and characters. Another year was put into the writing, and soon after the manga was released.

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Meet Isamu Shiro, an art savvy boy who has an obsessive favor for superheroes. Shiro always expected to live an uneventful life, but this expectation soon changes upon his fateful encounter with his school's notorious misfit, Takeshi Aki. Upon meeting this supernaturally powerful girl, Shiro's life is flipped upside down, as he is thrust into a world of bitter struggle and ever- ensuing conflict. And with a mysterious, entity breathing at they’re very heels, Shiro and Aki must work together if they hope to survive the dreaded onslaught. With what strength Aki has, Shiro sees inspiration, and hope in her ability to become a full-fledged hero. With immense responsibility thrust upon her shoulders, Aki must come to grips with “who” and “what” she truly is, as she combats against this deadly enemy that threatens their very existence. But with the heart-wrenching, horrors and consequences that accompany her actions: Will Aki buckle under the immense suffering, or will she rise as a symbol of hope?

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