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Status: College Level Art Student
Music: Metalcore and Visual Kei please~
Style: Cute with an edge

Writes: Sci-fi, Comedies and Horror

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This comic is purely experimental. While you read this comic I encourage you to leave criticism. Harsh criticism. I'm putting myself through some art therapy to cure my terrible perfectionism problem by reposting a comic that I used to post in high school. Initially it will follow very closely to the original story progression. I did a few redrawings so the pages may be mixed up. When I start to redraw, you will be able to tell... believe me. It will start with my updated inking style and some old pages with terrible art and hopefully end with something better. One Rule: Rip me to shreds with art criticism!!! The constructive kind, please. Let's go! ------------------------------------------------------------- It began with a normal day that ended in horror. Brother and sister, Lexiss and Halyn Pierce, find themselves in an extremely confusing and dangerous situation. A typical rude awakening would have been much more preferable to the events that unfolded the next day. Irregular Updates.

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