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Hey there, I'm Mana. I'm a full time student at an Art Institute working on my Baking and Pastry degree now, since I got my AA already. I live in Colorado now, a big change from California and Texas, with my boyfriend. I don't have a lot of spare time, but when I do get it, I try to keep up with my drawing side. I never seem to keep a schedule for updating comics, as I have had a few before, but I do want to keep trying to make them. They are something I enjoy. I'm starting to get my own style down in coloring and drawing, but I apologize for the inconsistent moments. I also dabble in making websites from scratch and all. Currently I do have a site dedicated to my “comic art” to Mana's Comics) (Wonderland Home) (The Journey Home) (Blog Site)

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Elves, humans, magic and time traveling come together. A future to save without knowing it's in danger, and a child controlling their destiny. The gang find themselves in a bigger adventure than ever before, and they don't even know they're in it, yet. CLOSED
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  • last: June 24 2012 |
It's a take on Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. I have a lot of influences coming into this idea, where Alice finds herself in a place with different doors that lead to different places in Wonderland, each pertaining to certain theme in Wonderland. Trees with doors, thank you Time Burton. A nightmarish world of sorrow, a insane world literally of an Asylum, thank you American Mcgee. A doll like world and even a steampunk world... I don't know who to thank yet, but I know there's someone I'm influenced by in that.

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Kellwood- a burgeoning tourist town, where only a few know of the things that hide in the dark. Also Kellwood- a forest deeper than anyone realizes, another world where Faerie and monsters dwell. In between these two worlds, there is a cabin with strange inhabitants...

Gully Golz, professional hockey goalie, and Sammy Melon, sportscaster and best friend, cope with life outside the hockey rink.

Come and behold a plenteous amount of tombstone puns.(のε の)

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