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Buahahha!! it is I the one the ONLY; CRAZY JEN! Or Zaki Ryuu I go as at some places ^^

Alright, now what do you want to know? Let's start eh?

Q: What's your Favorite Drink?
A: PSHT! That's easy Mountain Dew

Q: What's your Favorite Anime?
A: Wow.. that's not easily answered. (I got to many XP )

Q: What were you thinking when you joined?
A:…. um…

Q: If you could do your own comic.. would you?
A: YES! if I could draw cooly and if I had a finished script :3

Q: You like writing?
A: Yes, a HUGE hobby. I have my own Website for some of my stories ^^

Q: Are you a Christian?
A: Yes, not as dedicated as I wish I was.. but yes, I try to hold to Reformed Presbyterian standards ^^

Q: What's your favorite color?
A: -_- sheesh.. I have a few; Blue, Black, Cream, Some greens, Grey. You know what.. I like all colors.. just not all on clothes and cars :3

Q: What kind of music do you like?
A: Well, I like Christian Music, where I live I listen to 89.9 PER An excellent station! And I like Christan Rock, Rock, Metal Etc. I am a pretty much ALL around person ^^ I like all sorts of music.. even Classical and Oldies.

Q: Why do you have an irritated person on your Avatar?
A: Ahahah! Because.. Hitsu-chan (what I call him) Is funny! And one of my favorite Chatacters!

Q: What's your Favorite Book currently?
A: Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Series

Q: How often do you update your Website?
A: Ah… not very often, but I try to get a story up every month >_< not many people… go there.

WELL! That's all the questions for now! Want to know more? Send me a Message or go to my Website!

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