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I'm a long time frp gamer. After reading several different gamer comics i realized that the ones i liked best were the ones that reminded me of games i've been in or people i've played with. So now i'm offering my own stories for your recognition.

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The Escapist Club of Oak Knolls, California, is a group of mostly veteran gamers who are passionately devoted to their hobbies. These are their stories, in and out of character.

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Messy sketches from a messy artist. I put random stuff in here~

Purgatory is a tower that offers a group of convicts a second chance at life, if they can survive the climb. But who built the tower, and for what purpose are they holding this "contest"? The answer lies at the top, if they can manage to reach it.

The Gods of Arr-Kelaan were mortal once. Now each one is learning the limitations - and lack therof - of their newfound positions as gods. CURRENT STORY "Consequences": New gods learn about their powers, and deal with ancient pantheons. Fun!

The Order -- The Seven Pillars of Freedom. The Galaxy's Greatest Gathering of Superheroes! Silver Age Superhero Adventures in a Digital Age format!

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