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My real name is Tonya Rosalee Vandecoevering
I have been Artist my whole life and I have been working my art skills to be a comic book artist and a animator, even though my animation skill is not very good but it will come around. I am also working on landscape art, cityscape art, concept art and character design.
Aliens vs Predator, Halo 4, Overlord, Left 4 Dead, , DarkSector, Borderlands 2, Skyrim, Mass Effect and the Deadpool game 2013.
Bleach, Hellsing ultimate, Guyver Bioboosted Armor, Trigun, Gun Grave, Dragon Ball/Z/GT, Transformers Prime, MaxSteel 2013 and Ultimete Spider-man.

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Kazuko Alukosura was an orphan baby found by a nearby river in the woods. Six ninjas of a clan called Moonfire and they are fleeing away from a evil creature called The Stalker that attacked them while they were on patrol, and then they stopped at the river catching their breath. After they catch their breath one of them herd a sound of a crying baby, and she said "hey do you guys hear that?". The six ninjas move toward the source of the crying baby and by the time they got to the baby... they were surprised of Kazukos appearance. The Stalker has caught up to them, and so two of the six escapes with Kazukos so the others can fight off the creature... sounds of fighting and running went into silence. Many years has past Kazukos is now full grown and set out on a mission to find out what he is, and he will also use his ninja skills learned from the Moonfire clan to protect others and help those in need.
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Long ago there was a peaceful race called Zeano. Their homeplanet is called Corelif it's a swampy planet, and the Zeanos kept it green for meny meny years. One day a tarrorble doom has appeard out of nowhere then multible beams of light from space has set fire all across Corelif terning it into a desert wasteland. The Zeanos and everything else to never be seen agian...But yet they return.

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The show is sooooo awesome.

Red Vs Blue Tribute

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