Chapter 5, Page 02

Sturstein on July 20, 2014

Hi guys, Sammi here!
Yay for another weekly update! Yay for another page! Yay for sexy noir dames!
Bet you didn't see that change in narrator coming huh? ;) Good to think that after all these chapters and years we can still keep you guessing! We had a few issues getting the lettering more feminine and Belle-looking, and this is what we settled on between fancy and legible!
We're hopping along getting heaps done. I've done 14 pages of script and Pete is several weeks ahead of the comic here. This means on Wednesdays we're aiming to put sneaky peeks of the upcoming page for the top webcomics voting incentive. I'll remind you guys to vote when I can and I have stuck the TWC voting link down the end of this blog. Feel free to vote everyday!
Aside from that we'll also be aiming to post sketches (and by we I mean Pete haha) every Friday to keep you hopping online onto the site and checking how things are going. We'd like to keep the traffic up, especially as we've started advertising again, so we want to give new readers something new to keep checking back in for!
Cheers, Sammi x