The Greeks: Diomedes Sergiakis

Tantz_Aerine on June 15, 2010

And this is Diomedes. An unlikely assortment that's gathring up, eh?

By the way, despite what Diomedes is saying, the Cretans (and foreign Allies there) lost in the battle of Crete, but the losses were so heavy on the Nazi side, the victory was so comparatively slow in coming and the negative impact so high, that the method (using parachutists/ paratroopers to drop on the enemy) was never used by Hitler again at least on a large scale. Germans had named the mission to Crete ‘Operation Mercury’ and met with resistance not only from the Greek troops and Allies there, but from the majority of the ‘non-fighting’ civilians (a non-fighting Cretan is rather an oxymoron though. ;)).

The “courage and tenacity” of the Cretans there (just like Greeks in nearly all other fronts) left Axis and Allies alike gaping.

So maybe Diomedes isn't wrong in displaying his bravado. :)