The Table Move

Thirdperiodlunch on May 13, 2007

The Real Story:
Okay, so one of the other junior tables in the lunchroom broke. I guess our table is so loud and annoying every day, we caused enough commotion to have our table taken as the replacement for the other group's table. (Although, there are other lunch periods. One of them could have switched it and it could just have been a result of our fantastic luck.)
There was a table with only two girls sitting at it, right behind us. We decided to sit there for a while and wow… the girls were reaaaaally quiet. (Oh, and that's not their real appearances by the way. Couldn't draw them because I never asked if they wanted to be in the comic.) D; But yeah. I think we scarred them for life… More then once.
At the end of our two week table switch, we did get them to laugh a few times. Made me happy because they looked a little bored there all alone. But… I guess now they're even happier because they don't have to sit with us anymore. :D

I'm excited. Sweet Destruction looks different and amazing. I can't wait to start updating that. I learned to draw over the past year. 8D
Oh, and there's a 5 day weekend this week! I want to get a few 3PL comics done in advance, over the holiday, before exams start and starts sucking up all my time. Bleeah.

…Oh. And I'm pretty sure Allan influenced me. D; It sounds so… Allan-y.