To let you know

ftepainting on Aug. 25, 2009

If this is just really presumptuous of me, I don't mean any offense.

This past Saturday morning my grandfather passed away. I won't be able to attend the funeral, but I'm trying to raise money so that I can visit my grandmother in the winter. I am lowering my commission prices in the hopes that some people will hire me so I can start saving up while looking for a job in town. If you could pass the word along, I'd be most grateful.

This is a link to the journal about my grandfather as well as the new prices I have for commissions:

I do realize that visiting my grandmother after the loss of her husband is nowhere near as serious as hospital bills or a broken computer or any other issues you see around, but it is important to me, and I appreciate any help you can offer, even if all you can offer is to pass the word along.

My Commission Prices are:
Bust: $6
Half-Length: $11
Full Length: $16
Chibi: $8

Add Color: +$5

If you do not have a deviantart, you can also contact me at my email: