Pin-Up by Saskia Gutekunst

Abt_Nihil on Oct. 10, 2010

Another pin-up I commissioned, and which I LOVE. Most of the time, when I buy commissions, I like to see a somewhat “different” take on my characters. But surprisingly, this one turned out 100% canon. Not because it looks like what I usually do - not by a long shot -, but because it looks like what I always try to do (and fail at miserably). Saskia Gutekunst totally nailed Naomi's look. I am SO jealous! ^_^


DAJB: I can't imagine that to be her real name either, but I honestly don't know. If it's a pseudonym, it's a nice one. :3

Peipei: Oh YES ^_^

ghostrunner: Hey, I know that comment! ;-)