Limzee on March 30, 2012

I wonder what style I will draw in for the next comic! THE SUSPENCE!
Also my scanner isn't hooked up and I am too lazy to do it.
GOD, that was the saddest Bad Machinery arc so far. I was binging on the archive this afternoon, and I was reading the Onion Boy arc, and the ending was SO SAD. SOB. It was also a completely unexpected turn. Usually BM is so much more lighthearted! Ahaha.
I'm assuming p much everyone has read Bad Machinery, but if anyone hasn't, here's the link! Whoop!
Wah, I was going to update last Saturday, cos I hung out with Erica and a lot of shit happened, but I was too tired to draw anything, and then the computer was p much commandeered by Stephen, who has begun reading Homestuck, and loves it. Or well, likes it a lot. I don't think he's quite ready for that commitment with Homestuck just yet.
Ahaha, anyway, see you all lates! Peace! <3
Jake: That is weird! Ahaha. Maybe it's a sign of the apocalypse, and only a few people can sense it! Smell it. Whichever, ahahaha.
whitewolf: Oh man, washing dishes is one of the worst things. Probably I would rank it somewhere just below punching kittens, and just above drinking sour milk.
And alright, thanks! :] So long as there won't be a ton of people chatting that I don't know. I would probably have a mini heart attack, ahaha.
rokulily: Yeah, I dunno, I was watching a sitcom, and that is where I got the football thing from, ahaha. I've never seen any fests, mostly people in my city just get drunk.
And nope! Ahaha.