Guinea Tech

Locoma on Sept. 13, 2014

NAME: Guinea Tech
AUTHOR: Keegan & Alex Mykris
LIFESPAN: Nov. 22, 2007 - Jan. 9, 2009 (1 year/s)
PAGES: 103
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I'm sorry guys, I'm gonna torture you some more. The 5 page prologue featured in DD was just the tip of the iceberg for a 100th page comic hosted on its own site… which isn't online anymore. From what I could gather it reached 103 pages (the bottom one featured in here is the last one posted) and the author apparently stopped due to wanting to focus on raising his kids. It's funny how with all the problems we had over Drunkduck, this is the only testament we have that his comic ever existed. But hey, the prologue serves as a great introduction to the charismatic intelligent characters and their kickass adventures. I recommend you to
check it out!