Saturday Matinee: A Deviant Mind Classics! Episode 7 The Princess

houseofmuses on Nov. 25, 2017

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This episode was published January, 2012. Episode 7, The Princess.
A Deviant Mind #7
Written and Illustrated by Pam Harrison
Standard Comic
Full Color
Page Count: 24

Tara rescues a girl, sweeps her off her feet…and later wishes she could sweep her under the rug! When Tara meets Najimi, a slave at a desert kiosk, it becomes painfully clear the girl doesn’t like her lot and wants out. Tara and the stressed kiosk owners strike a deal, and Tara uses the credit card Lucky set up for her–to buy the girl! Tara soon realizes the purchase was a very bad bargain. The girl, over-privileged on her own world, is spiteful and foul-tempered. Tara is tested to the limits of her patience. Their only hope is to continue the trek to the next city…if Tara doesn’t kill Najimi first!

Tara awakens in a regeneration tube with no recollection of who she is and where she comes from. The insidious truth behind Tara’s amnesia is, she has a secret that makes her worth hunting–and it’s far more terrible than anyone could have ever imagined. Does Tara ever find out who she is and where she comes from? Follow the adventure here, and learn what haunting, dark secrets lie deep within…A DEVIANT MIND.
A Deviant Mind #7 TM and © Pam Harrison And Sword And Labrys Productions. All Rights Reserved.
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