A Deviant Mind #9 Cover

houseofmuses on June 4, 2012

Wanted to post this a little early to give you a glimpse of what's in store. Jim and I are halfway thru this issue, and I'm hard-pressed to keep up with him!
Got to say though–this is the most fun collaboration with another writer I've ever done in my life. A shoutout to Polly on this one: When life throws you chaos, girl, just walk out of the mushroom cloud and give them the bird.

Page 1 goes live June 17!

What does a funeral wake, a half dozen rival factions, an irate royalty with a small army, an immortal Volbkhelian, a group of bounty hunters, and a military gun show have in common?
Not a bloody thing from what we can figure!

Welcome to the vacation that nobody had! in this the darkest hour of the Waniokai family a ray of light shines from the east… followed by a round of mortars.

No one is safe for the very pillars of heaven are about to rock with the hundred minute war.
If you think you know how this issue is going to pan out–YOU ARE SO WRONG!!!

This issue welcomes our guest co-writer Jim Dyar, creator of Grin-n-Spirit. Enjoy the ride.

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