You Little Poofer

Awseomness on Aug. 13, 2010

I'm not going to make any promises about “Updating from now on,” or “I'm working on something at the moment.” The truth is, I can only do these well when I feel like it, and lately I've been feeling like a lot of different things. Mostly, I'm tired and stressed, because I go to bed late, have trouble getting to sleep, have to wake up early every morning with no end in sight, and I'm often the only one to watch my two-year-old nephew. So creativity isn't something I've got oodles of lately. I'm really sorry about the lack of updates, and I'm also sorry I'm saying this on this particular comic, since my most popular is Digimon Inc, somehow, but that's how it is. I'll update when I can, but don't hold your breath.

Btw, if you'd like to see some of my other artwork, I have a DeviantArt account.