Goodbye, All.

Steve Cloud on Nov. 23, 2006

Pathetic for a goodbye comic, I know.

Time for an extremely long explanation.

I've been doing sprite comics for a while now.
At first they were fun, but as I got better, comics started getting harder to make and now, I just dont feel like making them anymore, Sprite Comics can be described as being a boat.
You got the useful peop– Well long story short, kids who dont wanna practise or get better and aren't committed are killing it for everyone and I dont wanna be in that boat.
Because its fucking sinking and I want to let them down while I get away on the little put-put boat that is Hand-Drawn, and eventually I might just climb aboard a big cruise ship.
Whatever. So yeah, I'm going to be launching 2 hand-drawn series that I've been planning for a year and a half now. I can draw well, in my own oppinion.
Sprite comics haven't sunk in vain though, through my extensive use of special effects, I have become very good at visuals, which should work out well.
Another reason why I like hand-drawn, FREEDOM.
I've never finished a megaman game in my life, I was just sucked into sprite comics. With this, I can start anew and have my own backstory!
Also, no sticking to sprites, original poses!
Another reason why Im quitting this comics is because I'm stealing its name, because it better suits my other comic. And no, neither of my 2 comics have anything to do with the megaman series, but dont be surprised if you see a little Blaze cameo here and there.

And, I wont be launching it on DD, well, I'm gonna avoid DD anyways, in fact, I want my own site so I dont have to have ratings, LeFarce's way has sorta rubbed off on me a bit, I guess.

But I'll try to hang around DD, help out some people and such.

Oh, and I might try and get you guys some drawings, if I can ever get a scanner and a tablet!

Oh and I'm getting a Wii and Twilight Princess sometime before Feb, I think.
Which is nice.

But feel free to PM me and stuff, I'm still here…

Later, all.