AROTD Re-Do Preview

Steely Gaze on April 16, 2011

Hey, if Drunk Duck is posting a preview of the re-do site, why not post a preview of the re-do AROTD?

Alright, this is CK here, with an update on the comic situation–for anyone still alive, paying attention, and possibly interested. ^///^;

Firstly, anyone remember THIS page? HERE!
This is it re-drawn and re-scripted.
Now, I'm not saying this is the FINAL draft for this page, but it's a pretty good indicator of what one can expect when AROTD makes its fateful return…and just what ABOUT that return? Here are the details as I know them:

Steely Gaze is working on the re-write for the original pages. Re-scripting, re-imagining…Those original pages with the 4-panel layout have been changed considerably. Things happen in a different order, the gang is introduced in a more “complete” manner, and overall, I think the story flows better.
This page may indicate that I have grown as an artist–at least, I HOPE so, when compared to the oooooold pages!!! ^_^'
The change in story will (hopefully) show that Steely Gaze has grown as a writer. A lot of growing has been going on. XD
This is not a dead comic, and not a dead idea…BUT Steely Gaze has informed me he likely will NOT post AROTD pages here on DD. He intends, when we have a nice buffer of several issues, (like, over a 100 pages, I'm guessing) on buying a domain and setting up our own website for A Roll of the Dice.
I'm not sure if I'll be posting AROTD pages on Deviant Art or not, yet…I suppose that will remain to be seen. (I'm 3Fangs, for anyone out there still not knowing.) XD
Steely Gaze hasn't been active here or on dA; life just got too busy. So, apologies to anyone wishing to reach him…

I can't give a date for the return of AROTD, because I can't make promises I can't keep. I'm still too busy to get much drawing done. Just wanted to say that the story's not dead…And show off THIS page, since people have seen it over on dA.

I can tell you one thing!
Steely Gaze has finished writing (or, RE-writing) the script for the first issue! 22 pages long. And I'll be doing the art for it. And I myself have written over a hundred pages (it's actually just 4 issues plus the current one I'm working on writing) for the eventual spin-off from AROTD which will be titled “Unmasqued.” Showcasing some background characters who've actually BECOME characters. (In fact, a surprising number of literal background characters have become real characters…must be some sort of pandemic going around.)

Anyways…guess that's all.
Have a good one, people. Peace out.