On a Whim: ...you never know.

Steely Gaze on July 22, 2007

Hey, hey, hey! This is the very first page of my comic series A Roll of the Dice! It's a romantic comedy but don't let that scare you off. I figure anyone who enjoys the absurd and the outrageous in everyday life can like this!

It's drawn by Chameleon Kid, who writes and draws the amazing John Clyde, the Nature Guide right here on Drunk Duck! If you haven't checked it out yet, than go do that! I'll be waiting right here.

That's the main character, Jared, and from here on expect a new update every Monday, unless I screw up again. You see, I'd wanted to do two a week updates but since then I've decided the comic looked better in color and so I've had to do that and, to put it politely, I stink at it. So, from now on you'll get a colored page every Monday, or at least until I fatally screw up my coloring!

Hope you enjoy it!

EDIT: Hey, I re-drew the original page! To see the old version, you can go HERE!
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