Machines (or back to Humans)

4bit FPS on Oct. 5, 2009

Welcome. This is the first Achievement Wh0rz comic. This is mostly an indirect character introduction comic. The blonde guy is named Wilson. The one with glasses is named Bradberry. The robot in the final panel is F7. Overall this comic is spawned from my own desire to create things. While I would love to create video games I haven't the know how or the time. So with Achievement Wh0rz I can vicariously live that life through these characters.

Zombies. I enjoy zombies, maybe not as much as some people might think I enjoy them but I do like them. It seems that video game makers are obsessed with the legion of the Undead and brainless. The Left 4 Dead series, Resident Evil series, and even zombies making appearences in Call of Duty games. Like all trends it will only last for so long. You can't blame companies for creating what sells, that is the point of marketing tests and feeling the (ahem) pulse of the consumer. Now as much as I like zombies I wouldn't mind seeing them disappear for awhile, that is before the entire market is buried in the brainless hoarde.

Yes, I do realize that Dead Space has all ready inroduced the Zombie ideal into the space opera and in a way that is my point (no matter if it is an interesting game or not)

So as long as Zombies are “hot” they will appear in this comic, at least Wilson is obsessesed with them and he will continue to advocate for their cause in everything that is Video Games.