31- A Party is formed

WingNut on Oct. 24, 2008

Nnnggghhh…cursed wisdom teeth. But they shall be expelled from my person soon enough.

I be the sleeps, there shall be more of a news post on the morrow when I awaken.

*On the Morrow* G'mornin folks! Yeah, so my teeth are still killing me, but such is the price of wisdom. I've got a ton of fun follow up pages for this story planned out, I think you're going to like them. I think I've got the method to making these fairly well mapped out, but as always I'll keep trying new things and making them better. Took a look at some of my first pages the other day and wow…just wow. In 30 pages is astounding how much this comic has changed. Hopefully I can continue to make it just as awesome.

So in other news, I'm still prepping for the Wizards World Conference in Texas coming up in about two weeks, so if any of you fine folks are going to be there, just drop me a line, I'll buy you some cheeto's or something. Updates should continue as usual while I'm done there, so no worries on that end. Anyway, off to work I go, I'll see you charming folks soon!

PS: Mutation, that made me laugh, well done. :D


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