Rough page

Aghammer on June 9, 2009

This is a rough for my next RP page. Any comments, suggestion appreciated :) I hope to get it up by Friday but we'll see what the week brings!


Mushroom, thanks man! A couple of my fav songs are from the Milkmen… Punk Rock Girl and Bitchin' Camero :)

TGFM. Thanks dude, the idea made me laugh and luckily Mushroom didn't mind that I changed his characters almost completely :)

Avie, Thanks :) I like the way the clothes turned out too… one of the rare times I was happy with the big shirts/sweatshirts :D

PeiPei, Thanks and Mushroom is a great guy with some truly fun comics!

Jonko, I will gladly add you to my fanart list… I love your stuff!! And don't worry about it… the difference is that you update almost daily and I update every couple of weeks…haha.