Chapter 1 Page 4

StephODell on Jan. 8, 2008

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Finally, some headway in the plot. xD This page was interesting for me, as I was using my own bedroom for reference. (Minus the huge piles of junk) I really wish I owned some Kagerou merchandise.

Speaking of Kagerou, you really, really, really have to go read this gem of a webcomic. Fireball's gorey, fun and often creepy story draws you in and refuses to let go.

I also have to advertise it becaus of all the cameos Kano is gonna have. xD

A few quick things about Trent - He likes to cook without a shirt (not sure why yet) and he's got piercings in many places.

Definately not something you want to see when you're half asleep, eh? xD